Four Components of ROI Calculators

//Four Components of ROI Calculators

Four Components of ROI Calculators

champ3Assess your printing costs and take control of your office. Every business should use a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator to determine the costs to produce graphics, what amount of print volume produced at a specific cost and sold at a particular price is required to pay off the capital investment, and what amount of profit can be realized on a monthly basis. Canon Solutions America has released helpful tips that exemplifies how a business can use the ROI to identify whether the Canon UV flatbed printer is a profitable investment for their business. In order to understand how the ROI data coincides with your business, look at the 4 key components.

Gross Revenue

Allows for entering the price per square foot that the printed piece is expected to sell for and adjusting the “hours printing per day” value to what it would take to accomplish a specific volume of work shown or match to the availability of staff to operate the printer. This feature also allows providers to input print speeds, wastage value, and other calculated values that are useful in determining how much blank substrate is required for a specific volume of work and what would be invoiced per month for the total printed work.

Material Costs

The calculated value of all material costs, including substrates and UV lamps. Depending on the substrate type and sheet size, the amount purchased, and the vendor, the total cost can all vary considerably.


The amount paid to operators per hour and the amount of time allocated to an operator to run the printer and conduct related tasks, such as maintenance, calculates the daily cost for the operator to run work on the printer. This gives both the calculated monthly labor cost and combined monthly labor and materials cost.

Investment and Return

The total amount of the printer purchase and related items including: starter kits, options and accessories, training, delivery and installation, etc. Payback in months represents how long it is necessary to print before the investment in the system has been covered based on what was entered for Revenue, Material Costs and Overheads.

ROI calculators and subsequent data is giving businesses in every industry an insight in their printing costs and identifying areas of opportunity. To learn more contact Champion Business Solutions today.

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