5 Reasons Your Office Needs a Multifunction Device

//5 Reasons Your Office Needs a Multifunction Device

5 Reasons Your Office Needs a Multifunction Device

You’ve just finished a major report at the office. You need to print it and put it on your boss’s desk, but the line for the printer extends all the way to the break room.

Now you have to waste time in line instead of working. Inefficiencies like this happen all the time in business and can add up fast.

Companies lose around 20 to 30% of revenue because of misused time and energy.

The solution? A multifunction device.

Read on to see why your office needs one.

Increases Efficiency

Efficiency is the engine of every business. If that engine gets clogged by workflow obstacles, it can slow down.

A multifunction device eliminates these obstacles by doing more than printing. Most models offer faxing, scanning, and copying.

Employees can now use one device to perform a variety of tasks instead of four different ones.
This versatility speeds up the workflow process, keeping the engine of business humming along.

Increases Productivity

An unproductive business is an unsuccessful business. Nothing hampers productivity more than wires and cables.
Aside from being an obvious safety hazard, the wires and cables of most single-function devices physically stop collaboration.

A multifunction device cuts the cords through Wi-Fi capabilities and functionality through the cloud.

Employees won’t have to mess with cables or even USB drives to print, nor will they be blocked from one another by cumbersome cables.

Provides Better Security

Multifunction devices have hard drives the size of most modern laptops. Within those drives could be information sensitive to your business.

They can also be a target for hackers. To prevent this problem, businesses should protect stored data.

Fortunately, most devices come with programmable security protocols.

Often you can use a two-factor authentication system, controlling who prints and when through the simple swipe of a card.

Enables Employees to Work from Anywhere

In today’s world, work isn’t limited to just the office. Many people work full time from home or take it with them on vacation.

A multifunction device adapts to worker flexibility. Employees can print, copy, fax, or scan from anywhere in range. They can even print right from their phone.

Takes Up Less Space

Multifunctional devices come with some logistical perks in addition to employee benefits.
Since you’re using one machine to perform the task of four, you only need space for one device.

You can reduce the clutter in the office and allow workers to move about freely.

How to Get Your Multifunction Device

By now, I bet you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these devices. You might’ve already decided what to do with your revenue savings.

The only question is how to get one.
We here at Champion Business Solutions can answer that question. We offer a diverse product catalog featuring the latest brands including Toshiba, Sharp, and Xerox.

Call us today at 306-695-0658 or 503-721-0822 to get started. You can also check out our website and get a free quote.

We can’t wait to make your business better!

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